Infoboosters for molecular biology, genetics and fun

If you’re a frequent user of molecular biology or genetics databases, Infoboosters might simplify your research.

Infoboosters are browser bookmarklets for web-based tools like the NCBI databases, developed at the University of Pittsburgh.  Highlight a term on a webpage, then click a database bookmarklet to automatically search for that term.

For example, choose a term in a PubMed abstract and click the GeneInfo bookmarklet.  Results pop up in a new window.

Search PubMed term in Gene

Click to view


To install Infoboosters , display your browser’s bookmarks/favorites toolbar.*  Then drag the bookmarklet from the Infoboosters page to your browser’s bookmarks/favorites toolbar.


Create Your Own

You can even create your own bookmarklet for any website where search results include the term you searched as part of the URL.  Use the online tool to make one for IMBD, Twitter or your own favorite site.

For example, here’s a bookmarklet to search the Penn Vet website:

Install Find@PennVet bookmarklet

*Display bookmarks toolbar instructions:  Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari


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