Real-Time Audience Participation App


Poll Everywhere is a free online tool that allows you to poll your audience in real-time and get instant results. Ask a question during a presentation or lecture and your audience can respond via text message, via Twitter, or on their tablet or smart phone. The results of your poll are downloadable and can be shown instantly on the web or uploaded live into your PowerPoint presentation. Poll options include:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Open-Ended
  • Clickable Images
  • Discourse

The basic account (free) allows for unlimited polling and up to 40 votes per poll. If you have a larger audience or want more advanced polling options, you can sign up for an upgraded account. Check out the WIC LibGuide to learn more. Happy polling!

Thanks to VMD Technology for introducing us to this great resource.



  1. I like what I’m seeing but I also wish for audience members to text their anonymous questions to a moderator. Will the app provide this functionality?

    • Margy Lindem says:

      If I understand your question, set up a poll with an open-ended question and responders can type in their questions as the ‘answer’. That said, we have had more reliable performance with the paid version. Give it a try at

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