Browzine app for scholarly journals

Browzine vet titlesBrowzine is an app for tablets and iPhone* that can simplify online reading of scholarly journals. Once installed with your Penn credentials, it provides the full text of journals in a browsable table-of-contents format.

Journals are arranged on virtual bookshelves by subject matter. Find veterinary journals under Biomedical and Health Sciences –>Veterinary Medicine (currently 70 journals listed). Within the subject they are ‘shelved’ in categories — from Comparative and Laboratory Animal Medicine to Veterinary Toxicology and Pharmacology.  Thousands of biomedical journals like Nature, Cell, Science, etc. can also be found in Penn’s Browzine library.

Tap to add your favorite journals to your Bookshelf.  When you open the app you’ll see notifications of the number of articles that you’ve not seen.  You can save up to 500 articles for reading offline and download citations to Zotero, Mendeley, or RefWorks.  Note that saving articles can take a while so don’t leave the app until you are sure the file is downloaded, or save it to Evernote, iBooks or another program to read when not on a wifi connection.

As its name implies, Browzine is built for browsing and can only search journal titles – not article titles or full texBrowzine save featurest.

Supported devices: *iPhone [update 6/27/14], Android Smartphones [update 10/14/14], iPad (2 or later); Google Nexus; Samsung Galaxy; Kindle Fire HD
Watch an Introduction to BrowZine video to learn more.

Penn users, log in here to download and begin using Browzine.


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