A Memoir, A Celebration

Gayle Joseph and Adrian Morrison

Artist Gayle Joseph and author Dr. Adrian Morrison pause in front of  illustrations for “Brandywine Boy”.

A cheerful crowd attended a February 21st book reading and reception for Penn Vet Professor Emeritus Dr. Adrian Morrison’s recently published memoir Brandywine Boy.  The event was co-sponsored by the Penn Libraries and the book’s illustrator Gayle Joseph, Executive Assistant in Penn Vet’s Office of the Associate Dean for Research.

In his memoir, Dr. Morrison recounts stories from his boyhood growing up in nearby Chadd’s Ford, PA.  Interspersed in the tales of his Tom Sawyer-like adventures are lessons on science and animals, drawn from Dr. Morrison’s extensive career as a veterinarian and researcher.   Brandywine Boy is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Gayle Joseph is an oil and watercolor painter whose original illustrations appear on Penn Vet research newsletters and announcements.  For more information on her artwork, visit http://gaylevialeart.com/GV/Home.html

Illustration by Gayle Joseph.

Illustration by Gayle Joseph.


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