Introducing VIVO!!

VIVO banner

We are very excited to announce that the initial rollout of VIVO has successfully occurred and is currently available for on campus access at: For those of you asking, “What is VIVO?”

VIVO is an open source semantic web platform that reveals research and scholarship through linked profiles of people and other research-related information. VIVO is populated with data from authoritative, trusted sources to create researcher profiles, highlighting faculty expertise, publications, grants, teaching, service and social networks. VIVO also provides a powerful search functionality for locating people and information within the institution and enables the discovery of scholarship across disciplinary and institutional boundaries. For more information about VIVO:

–from the VIVO “About” pages at


Sample Co-Author Network Web

At Penn, our VIVO instance is a result of a close partnership between the Penn Libraries and the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) and its Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT). VIVO@Penn is currently populated with data on over 3,000 PSOM faculty and their more than 200,000 publications, but the ultimate goal is to expand the system to include people, scholarship, and research resources from all schools at Penn. For more information about VIVO, VIVO@Penn, and collaborative research networks, check out the latest issue of Ivy Leaves (Penn Libraries newsletter) which was just released this week and is devoted to VIVO.



  1. We have a fantastic library! Thanks for mentioning Brandywine Boy in the library blogs.

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