The Glass Dog

The anatomy software program The Glass Dog, a product of Science In 3D, is now available on all desktop computers located in the center of the vet library, with the exception of the public-access computer. “This exciting new program presents the dog’s thorax and abdomen like they’ve never been seen before. The program includes 10 cutting edge animated movies, nearly 50 interactive models and more than 250 detailed images, each with its own recorded narrative. Illustrations from this program won an Award of Excellence from the Association of Medical Illustrators at their 2011 Annual Conference.” -ScienceIn3D website

The program can be found in the “Vet Applications” folder. The video tutorial above serves as a good preview and introduction to this popular study tool. The library’s license allows for two users to access the program at a time. In addition, patrons may borrow the hard copy disc from the library reserve collection, which allows for use on a personal lap top. The password is marked on the computers.  Please be sure to select the “QUIT” button when done to properly release the software so that others can access the program.



  1. […] few weeks ago, we blogged about our new anatomy software program The Glass Dog. We are excited to learn that, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that, too.  Canine […]

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