Gadget Day is on the way!

Hands-down one of everyone’s favorite monthly events around campus, Gadget Day is hosted by the Weigle Information Commons, located on the first floor of Van Pelt-Dietrich Library.  This month, Gadget Day will take place on Wednesday, August 22. This is a great opportunity to attend workshops on all the latest digital technologies and software that are popular on the market.  Here is a lineup of the day’s offerings:

Times Session
10 to 10:30 am CloudOn for iPad – Use MS Office Easily
10:30 to 11 am Raspberry Pi – Tiny, Cheap and Powerful Computing
11 to 11:30 am Google@SAS – Teaching on the Cloud
11:30 am to noon Google Chrome Laptop – Lightweight Cloud Access
Noon to 12:30 pm Mobile Technology Overview
12:30 to 1 pm Android Advanced Usage
1 to 1:30 pm iPad / iPhone Accessories
1:30 to 2 pm iPad Built-in Apps
2 to 2:30 pm Video Cameras – Guided Tour
2:30 to 3 pm Pixelture – Project and Share Your Laptop Screen

For details on each session, check out:


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