Borzoi Blueprints

Borzoi blueprint transparencies

Audrey Mulligan’s Borzoi Blueprints

The library recently cataloged an unusual set of transparencies. Audrey Mulligan’s Borzoi Blueprints are a set of transparency overlays that show the anatomy and structure of the Borzoi as it applies to the overall conformation and functions of the breed.  Each plate shows the location of important muscles and bones and how they relate to each other.

The artist, Audrey Mulligan, was an accomplished painter and sculptor with representation across the United States.  She was an avid dog show judge and dedicated breeder of Pugs and Borzoi.

Update:  This item has been moved to Penn’s Rare Books and Manuscripts library



  1. Would these be available to a private party at some point? I am an avid student of the breed who has studied with some of Audrey’s closest friends and these are an important piece of information for My education.

    Thanks, Justine

  2. The Artist is my grandmother. The drawings are amazing!

  3. richard langford says:

    I live in washington state
    Is ther anyway i can get in tif, pdf, or jpeg format
    a copy of the Borzoi Blueprints
    I would be more than happy to pay for it


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